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wanderingartificer said: I’m a Harry Potter junkie myself, though I’ll be first to admit that my greatest fandom is Warcraft. I can talk for days on end about the lore and history of that world if allowed. Especially so, as someone who has a darker, martial path

The video game? A friend of mine mentioned it to me the other day. I’ve never played it myself. I love the Elder Scrolls games’ lore, though. I’ve only played Skyrim, but I’m gonna get Oblivion and Morrowind for my PC when I have the cash to spend.

wanderingartificer said: The Sith actually have a very rich and deep backstory, and though I agree with this section of the Sith code, there is more too it. The Dark Side actually has several branches, of which the Sith is only one of.

I’ve always been more of a LoTR person myself, but a friend of mine told me a brief history of the Sith and I found it quite interesting. Especially how the Jedi vs Sith really seems analogous to what I’ve observed in the factions of hermetic/ceremonial magick in the right-hand (white/light) vs left-hand path (black/dark) magicians.

I don’t really consider myself a left-hand path practitioner, but I abhor the passivity of the white-lighters. The warrior path is stained with blood and any attempt to whitewash it dishonors our ancestors. If you curse a rapist to die slowly as a result of a horrific car accident is that curse truly an evil deed?


"Peace is a lie. There is only passion."

Yep, you got that right.

"Through passion I gain strength."

Yep, passion is the fuel for magick.

"Through strength I gain power."

Hell yeah, I got the powah!

"Through power I gain victory."

Yessss. VICTORY!

"Through victory my chains are broken."


"The Force shall set me free."

….Wait, this is Star Wars…?.*crickets chirp* …this is the Sith code? Well, give me a lightsaber and count my midichlorians, I’m a Sith!

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Celtic Recon Help



I need help from a Celtic reconstructionist and/or someone who is familiar with Celtic deities in an ancient, non neo-pagan context. I would like to know if there is any real, historical evidence of the Morrigan being associated with faeries and/or sidhe—specifically as queen of. Please forgive me if my terminology in even asking the question is off. I have little to no experience in this area of mythology.

Help much appreciated.


Unfortunately this os one of those “yes and no” type deals. It makes logical sense, depending on how you look at both the Irish gods and the aes sidhe. The Book of Invasions (I think it’s that?) talks about the Tuatha De Danann moving underground beneath the hills, subsequently being referred to as aes side or daoine sidhe; the people of the hills. So in the sense that Morrigu is certainly a queen type thing—I mean, that’s what the epithet means to begin with—of the Tuatha De Danann, and the Tuatha De Danann became the aes side, yeah, I think it’s logical, at least, to say one could consider her a fairy queen. But beyond that… There is no written thing that says, “oh, yeah, Morrigan is a fairy queen.”

Yeah, you have to read between the lines quite a bit with Irish mythology. The Christian monks who recorded the myths left out quite a bit of details because it was not important to their religion. Like Korrigan said, it makes sense if fairy=sidhe=Tuatha De Danann. People have long been on the fence on who and what faeries are. I have a book by a Scottish priest, Robert Kirk in the 1600s who was an “expert” on faeries in Scotland and Ireland and he was still pretty much like “Idk if they’re the old gods, or the dead/ancestors, or a meta-human race…maybe they’re angels that were too bad for heaven, but too good for hell…yeah that’ll have to work.” 

I’ve compiled a list of things you should never say to a devotee of the Morrigan, variations of which are said pretty often:

  • "The Morrigan is just the Irish version of the crone-goddess, Hecate."

No, and don’t try to call Hecate a crone either. You don’t want them both pissed at you at the same time.

  • "The Morrigan is a triple moon goddess! All goddesses are triple and all triple goddesses are lunar, ya know, ‘cause they’re female and the moon is feminine because females do that monthly-bleeding thing from their no-no place."

Are you Silver Ravenwolf, or are you just stupid? How about I make you start bleeding from your face.

  • "That’s cool that you work with an amorphous shape-shifting goddess of war, death, sex, fate and the underworld [among other things], but you need to chill out if you want to ascend[/become enlightened/achieve union with the divine].”

Uh, excuse me, but primal rage is how I achieve union with the divine, the Morrigan is DIVINE.

  • "The Morrigan is married to ____."(The Dagda, Lugh, Lucifer, Cernunnos, Shiva, The Horned God, …anyone)

The notion of a primordial, multiplicitous  goddess who existed before humanity and answers to no other deity having a long-term, monogamous relationship with a male entity that resembles the hetero-normative human notion of “marriage” is absolutely ridiculous.

  • "The Morrigan is Aleister Crowley’s ‘Scarlet Woman’, the Divine Whore, like Inanna. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law, bruh."

The Morrigan is certainly a Red Queen, one of the many Red Queens, but sexist Mr. Crowley wouldn’t know a queen, any queen, if she punched him in the face. The Morrigan is most definitely NOT a “whore” and she demands respect. The true Inanna is not a whore, but you don’t know her, either. People like you never will.

  • "Ugh, you work with the Morrigan? That’s, like, so dangerous. If you want to work with Irish deities why don’t you try, like, I dunno, Brighid, she’s like, so much nicer."

If I wanted “nice” deities I wouldn’t have chosen the warrior path. Do you think “niceness” is something I aspire to? Patience, justice, honor, honesty, those are virtues, but “niceness”?  

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people who think wargod devotees are inferior for embracing survival and rage

it must be so nice in the fantasy world you live in where peace and pacifism and serenity are achievable goals


*knocks over cider and raises bloodstained sword in agreement* Oh my gods, this! THIS, THIS, THIS. THIS!